Sumy Frunze NPO supply equipment to Uzbekistan

PJSC «Sumy Frunze NPO» to supply the lot of compressor station process equipment in the frame of further development of «Northern Nishan» and «Southern Kemachi» fields in Uzbekistan.

Under the contract, in general, Sumy Frunze engineers have to manufacture eight «gas-gas» heat exchangers, the same number of convex strainers, as well as unit of oil supply system.

«Our Company continues to cooperate with Uzbekistan within development of these promising fields. In particular, 4 one-ton heat exchangers, DN400 PN63 and DN700 PN63 convex strainers (four items of each modification), as well as unit of oil supply system will be delivered to «Northern Nishan». Whereas 2 heat exchangers of 5.6 t weight and 2 items of 1.5 t weight will be expected at «Southern Kemachi», – Andrey Melnik, the senior manager of Central Asia and CIS countries Sales Department, mentioned. Finished products shipment is scheduled at the end of the first quarter of 2015.

Currently, turbo-compressor trains, designed for development of «Northern Nishan» and «Southern Kemachi» fields (4 items for each field), are being manufactured at the production facilities of the Company.