A year of attention and care of the elderly in Uzbekistan

It is said that if you want to know more about the people and determine its future, it can be done against this people, children and elders. And, as noted by many, especially with foreign visitors, one of the most vivid impressions of our country is the fact with which we are caring for children and which respect – to the elderly.

These noble qualities along with such as kindness and charity, are inherent to Uzbek people. Lucky was someone home that was filled with children’s voices and laughter and where respect and constant attention to the attitude of the older generation. So happened that firstly senior take care about the health and education of the younger generation, and then when younger generation became older, they surround with the esteem and respect to the elderly.


«The house, where live the older generation, ruled by good and light»


The times changed and  it is said that the character was also changed. But attitude to children and the elderly in our nation has always been the same. And with the acquisition of Uzbekistan’s independence that was given special attention at the state level.

And it is very symbolic that formed in Uzbekistan for a tradition to give specific names of each year following the current year 2014, which was announced in our country healthy child Year, 2015 at the initiative of the President Islam Karimov was announced the Year of attention and care of the older generation.

In the report at the meeting dedicated to the 22 anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the President stressed that it is done according to age, which values of our people, to provide proper respect and full support of the people, ripe old age that is consonant with the expectations and aspirations of our society.

Indeed, all that we have today, the foundation on which under a peaceful heaven in a relaxed atmosphere we can successfully meet the challenges of future social-economic development and prosperity of our favourite Motherland – is the merit of the older generation.

They found the courage and heroism during the war, defending the peaceful sky over the country on the battlefield against fascism. They made their selfless work contributed to the victory in the rear, and then restoring peaceful life. It is their efforts that created a strong potential that largely contributed to the fact that today, despite the global crisis, Uzbekistan ensured sustainable economic growth, where social issues are resolved successfully, achieved great success in education and health care, science and culture, sports and other areas. And, the President said, that we are in debt to the older generation and we must do everything possible to ensure their well-being and long years of life.

It is known that in Uzbekistan a care for the elderly and veterans constantly manifested at the state level. For example, just this year from the state budget allocated more than 11.6 trillion soums on pensions, over 105 billion soums – for assistance (RU exchange rate on 12.11.2014 1 $ = 2409.67 amounts). According to the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan “On measures to further strengthen social support for veterans of war and labor front of 1941-1945″ they have the opportunity each year in convenient time for the state to undergo rehabilitation in health care facilities.

Along with the state, the older generation has given support as well as material and moral from social structures, and the extent of such support is constantly expanding. In particular, the fund “Nuroniy” last year for this purpose allocated 610 million soums, and for the first nine months of this year – more than 553 million soums, public charity fund “Mahalla” last year veterans assisted nearly $ 1.6 billion soums, and in January – September this year the figure has reached  on 1 billion 614 million soums.

And yet, the President pointed out that today we need to reinforce and increase the effectiveness of work, to provide comprehensive attention to veterans, each elderly person, enrich the life of people dear to us, fill it with joy and meaning.

For this purpose, in connection with the announcement of 2015 the Year of attention and care of the older generation will be made public program and its implementation will be a special government commission.

We can already say that the program is ambitious, given the fact that today the country is home to more than 2 million 873 thousand persons over 60 years. In the report, noted by the President, from 225 thousand of uzbek people are over 80 years, 44000 – 90 years, and 8700 of our fellows stepped centennial milestone. Also pointed out that among the elderly over 3.1  thousand are participants of World War II and about 70 thousand are veterans of the labor front.

The President stressed that the development of the state program and its main goal should be defined as a decision of available issues affecting the life of older people, enhancing their gift for material and moral support, in short, the practical implementation of the name given to us next year.

The state program will identify specific measures to be done in the Year of attention and care of the older generation on the material and moral support for the elderly. But the real scope of action will probably be in wider framework of the program. For special care of the older generation will surely be manifested not only government agencies, but also NGOs, foundations, labor groups. This noble work connects youth to which veterans can convey a lot of skills, experience. The most important element in the general case, of course, will be the family with its traditional values, among which occupies a special place respect and respect for elders.

Let everyday be the rule for all the words of the President that the duty of each of us is a constant expression of respect and care for our parents, grandparents, mothers, whose rich life experience, by example make an invaluable contribution to the formation of an atmosphere of peace, harmony and happiness of every family and stability in society, actively involved in the transformations in all areas, especially in the education of healthy generation in the spirit of our historical heritage, cultural values and good traditions.

Information given by the Embassy of the
Republic of Uzbekistan to Ukraine